Corporate Buyback Progragm

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Over 200 million cellphones, laptops and tablets are retired in the USA every year and only a small percentage of the devices are reused or disposed of responsibly. 

The good news is that as the cost of newer devices becomes more of a burden to the corporate balance sheet more devices are being recycled. The ultimate goal within the recycling world is to have 100% reclamation. Though this lofty goal may never be achieved, B2Wrireless provides corporations with a socially conscious opportunity for corporations to do their part.  

Let’s make it easy. Simply contact us at and provide us with a list of the devices you wish to sell. Yes! Sell! We will provide you with a detailed purchase price for all your devices no matter what condition. If the amount meets with your approval we will send a freight carrier to your location for pick up.

Within 2 weeks you will receive a complete manifest and a check.
As most devices are able to be reused as refurbishing technology becomes more sophisticated we can provide you with the most aggressive pricing in the market place. 

It's that simple.